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Tim Gard Do What IS Possible

Wednesday Wisdom: Do What Is Possible

Certainly SOME things are not possible from time to time, but with enough positive determination, you can uncover what IS possible!...Read More
Tim Gard Meme - Leadership vs Authority

Leadership vs. Authority

Do you know and understand the difference?...Read More
Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom: Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday Wisdom: Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt brings us this week's Wednesday Wisdom. A gentle creature with tremendous power!...Read More
Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom - How To Fly

Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom: How To Fly

Want to fly?? There is one simple must......Read More
Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom - Courage to Continue

Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom: Courage

Courage is a critical ingredient for, what exactly IS courage?...Read More
Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom - Eisenhower

Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom: Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th US President, brings you this week's Wednesday Wisdom quote....Read More
Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom - Bruce Springsteen

Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom: Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is of course someone we all know... it takes courage to be all you can be, particularly in the midst of naysayers!...Read More
wednesday wisdom john lennon

Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom: John Lennon

Singer, songwriter, and activist John Lennon would have been 76 this week. I turn to him for this week's Wednesday Wisdom in honor of his contributions to humanity and timelessness of this particular message....Read More
Wednesday Wisdom - John Wooden

Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom: John Wooden

Living nearly 100 years can give a person exceptional insights to life.. John Wooden offers today's wisdom quote....Read More
Wednesday Wisdom - William James

Tim Gard Wednesday Wisdom: William James

William James was a philosopher and physician considered to be one of the major figures associated with the school of pragmatism. He provides this week's Wednesday Wisdom quote....Read More

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