Emcee – Master of Ceremonies

With Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE as your Emcee, you are assured an amazing event that is dynamic, creatively consistent, dependable, engaging and funny!  You can rely on Tim to professionally facilitate activities on-stage so that you can can focus on off-stage matters such as addressing any unexpected issues and coordinating with your staff so your conference or meeting occurs flawlessly!

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What You Can Expect from Tim Gard As Your Emcee!

Tim’s high-energy, infectious smile, ability to quickly connect with any group, and contagious positive attitude is legendary in the professional speaking and emcee industry. It’s one of the reasons that he is the highest rated speaker at The Dijulius Group and all time favorite emcee for their annual customer service conference.

Tim is an experienced Emcee and Master of Ceremonies in large and small, national and international, events. His participation at your next event can be as simple or in-depth as you require and desire. Tim’s extensive experience on-stage can be summarized as:

  1. Introducing other speakers and events or activities throughout a convention.
  2. Segue with short, informative or funny commentary to allow for stage changes, unexpected delays, or audio/visual complications.
  3. Interviewing individuals, or members of a team, on stage for live or broadcasted events.
  4. Working with the event planners to write introductions, consult on scripting, planning optimal synergy for conferences and events with multiple activities, and coordinate how other entertainers, educators or presenters interact with, and complement, each other.
  5. Available on call throughout the day, to fill in and help out, as needed.
  6. Coaching less experienced speakers (or non-professional speakers) to improve their program content, humor, and on-stage delivery.

The BEST Master of Ceremonies!

Tim Gard - Emcee - Event Rating

“Tim had resoundingly positive feedback which was no surprise to us! I was thrilled with his MC skills and thought that his keynote was both relevant and hilarious, the perfect mix to start of the day and get everyone in the mood to absorb the messages from all of the speakers.”  ~ Bauer Conference, Australia

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, has been hired over and over to act as a master of ceremonies – either concurrent with, or independent of, his keynote programs. He has a successful track record of keeping everything running on schedule, while helping other presenters tailor their programs to meet any last-minute requested adjustments. Meeting planners often rely on his extensive experience for onsite consulting and problem solving.

Contact Tim Gard, CSP, CPAEEveryone wants to keep the bottom line manageable! Tim will help keep to your event budget by both speaking at your conference, and acting as emcee or master of ceremonies, which eliminates the necessity of additional professional speaker’s fees and associated travel costs.