Funny Motivational Speaker

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE

If you are looking for an opening or closing keynote speaker, workshop and training facilitator or Emcee who is a funny motivational speaker, Tim Gard is the ideal choice as his insightful and fun-filled appearances have been teaching audiences around the world to take the seriously things seriously, while taking themselves lightly.

It is the skill of using humor for yourself that is the golden key to stress reduction in your business and personal life!  No one spells out the A-B-Cs of how to easily incorporate this skill into your daily life than Tim Gard!

Funny Motivational Speaker – How Tim Does It!

As a naturally born ‘funny guy’, who is NOT a “comedian”, Tim made his way into becoming one of the top 150 Professional Speakers on the planet just by ‘being himself’.

By sharing his non-malicious and team building humor throughout his pre-speaking career ventures, it became clear that Tim was destined to be Leader in helping others enjoy happier and more fulfilling lives, no matter what challenges they may face.

During his keynote programs, corporate training workshops and as an Emcee host, Tim Gard tells his real-life stories that not only make his audiences laugh, but actually demonstrate how they too can cultivate, then share, the ‘funny’ in themselves each and every day.

Why Choose Tim as YOUR Next Funny Motivational Speaker?

Tim’s message, down-to-earth and laugh out loud presentation style is truly one of kind.  He supplements all the different types of programs he offers with his own inventions, which he calls “EX-Stresssories™”!  These little items consistently make a BIG – and lasting – impression, so he always brings and distributes a few throughout his presentation.

But, since he can only bring so many of these fun and highly desired items in his travel case to your event, you can always make pre or post-purchases online shop.

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