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Interviewing With Style - Tim Gard Human ServicesAs economic conditions have reduced the number of employees in state agencies working to provide assistance to the needy, it has become more important than ever that those who evaluate the appropriate designation of welfare dollars are thoroughly trained in effective and efficient benefit disbursement.  Tim Gard is an expert in Government Training of this type!

Accomplishing this requires being well versed in the current government human services programs and the associated requirements for eligibility of available programs, as well as being skilled in the less obvious and regulated necessities for a successfully run agency.

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE – Sole Source Provider

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Tim Gard Government Training Interviewing With Style

Eligibility workers need the right ‘tools’ to overcome frustration, fatigue and burnout.

Working harder is NOT the answer… The Interviewing With Style program teaches staff to adjust their interviewing style to get the job done.  Terms and titles may differ from state to state, but the VALUE of Tim’s training will benefit any state, county or local office, nationwide!

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The inventor of EXStressories™, all found in Tim Gard’s Shop, offers a variety of products that help reinforce his message, long after the keynote presentation or training workshops have been completed.  These items can be ordered prior to your event for each participant, or after the event has concluded, participants may purchase any of the items Tim uses during his presentation.