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The Sully of EMCEEs

A great emcee is like Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the US Airways flight 1549 captain that safely landed in the Hudson River in 2009. They both draw on years of experiences to keep calm when the unexpected happens and make sure the event lands smoothly. Despite the obvious difference with the pilot having lives at stake, you as the event planner can feel like your career just ended when your funny-guy-always-quick-with-a-joke-will-work-for-food-uncle “MC” crashes.

Tim Gard may not be able to land a plane (despite being a member of the Million Miles Club), but he knows how to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish! 

Tim’s high-energy, infectious smile, ability to quickly connect with any group, and contagious positive attitude is legendary in the professional speaking and emcee industry. It’s one of the reasons that he is the highest-rated speaker at The Dijulius Group and all-time favorite emcee for their annual customer service conference.

Tim is an experienced emcee and master of ceremonies in large and small, national and international events. His participation at your next event can be as simple or in depth as you require and desire.

What you can expect from Tim Gard as your next Emcee:

  • Preparation and Planning
    Work with the event planners to write introductions, consult on scripting, plan optimal synergy for conferences and events with multiple activities, and coordinate how other entertainers, educators, or presenters interact with and complement each other.

    Coach less experienced speakers (or non-professional speakers) to improve their program content, humor, and on-stage delivery.
  • Pre-Flight Check
    Arrive early to meet with event planners, stage manager, technical crew, and presenters for walk-thru and adjustments as needed.

    Do walk- thru technical checks with camera, sound, and media crew.
  • TakeOff
    Start your event off on time and with just the right amount of energy. Tim sets the tone without taking the limelight away from the presenters. He is laser focused on the audience to ensure they feel that they are going to have a memorable day.
  • In-flight Service and Entertainment
    Make your selected speakers, educators, and VP presenters look like the stars they are by ensuring the audience is aware who they are (bio) and their credentials, establishing rapport between the presenter and the audience.

    Introduce events or activities throughout a convention.

    Segue with short, informative, or funny commentary to allow for stage changes, audio/visual complications, unexpected delays or bumps.

    Interview individuals or members of a team on stage for live or broadcasted events.

    Be available on call throughout the day to fill in and help as needed.

    Stay on top of time management. Tim is flexible to adjust his portion when other segments are too short or a little over time.
  • Safe Landing/Arrival at Final Destination
    Just as important as the “takeoff,” the closing and wrap of the event should be just as memorable. Tim will:

    Give appreciation to the audience, presenters, behind-the-scenes crew, and everyone who made the day possible.

    Recap the important takeaways and key points for calls to action.

    Provide announcement on how to find the gate for the next flight, redeem parking validations, and obtain material shared during the day’s events.

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Testimonial from John Dijulius, Chief Revolution Officer, President

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