Motivational & Funny Keynote Speaker – Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE

Tim Gard is motivational speaker who consistently inspires positive and lasting change with the use of humor as a skill at both work and home.  Individuals, groups, and organizations of all kinds around the globe have learned through laughing for more than 20 years with Tim Gard.

Tim encourages and inspires audience participants to take the serious things seriously, while taking themselves lightly and therefore gaining the critical skill of approaching challenges with a “can do” and cooperative attitude.  When this ability is developed within an individual, that individual can then support teammates and co-workers to efficiently problem solve, work together and stay on track because ‘negativity’ is suddenly a non-option!

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Motivational Speaker – Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE

With over 20 years speaking around the globe, Tim Gard is one of the best motivational speakers on the main stage, today.  Focusing on humor as a skill in work and life, Tim is a motivational speaker who customizes his message to speak directly to your audience.

Offering corporate training and motivational workshops as well as professional speaker coaching packages, Tim assists personnel of all levels in every type of industry and company to use their Comic Vision to overcome stress and work related fatigue.  In today’s fast paced world, incorporating motivational speaker Tim Gard into your annual personnel development agenda will leave lasting value for each individual, as well as departments and teams.

Motivational Speaker Tools and Store

The inventor of EX-Stressories™, Tim Gard’s Shop offers a variety of products that help reinforce his message, long after the keynote presentation or training workshops have been completed.  These items can be ordered prior to your event for each participant, or after the event has concluded, participants may purchase any of the items Tim uses during his presentation.