Thriving Even In Times Of Stress: Keynote Speeches & Event Programs

Tim’s customized keynote speeches & programs concentrate on how to thrive even when you have little control over external circumstances.  With more than 20 years’ experience doing just that, Tim offers a variety of programs specifically designed to help his audiences thrive despite their particular stresses.

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Change the Game

Life is a game. Business is a game. Literally, everything is a game with winners, losers & spectators. One person can change the game.

Developing A Comic Vision

Share the fun of reality by learning humorous and effective approaches to stress-diffusion & frustration-eradication!

Leadership: Tao of Humor

Discover your own leadership style and learn what it takes to bring your leadership abilities to the next level.

Secrets of Choosing & Using Props

With training and practice, anyone can find props anywhere and be able to use ordinary items in extraordinary ways, in the moment!

The Strategic Use of Humor is a REAL & Vital Skill in Today’s World

In the workplace or in your personal life, the skills and methods Tim shares are vital for cultivating and maintaining relationships, as well as improving individual efficiency and productivity.  He rapidly establishes rapport with the audience, breaks down any barriers of diversity, and ignites inspiration for significant and lasting change.  Tim’s clients always enjoy a customized presentation which promises to illuminate previously unseen possibilities.


Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE:  Funny Motivational Speaker

Best Motivational Speaker on the Main Stage, Today!

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, top motivational speaker and corporate entertainer, is known for bringing tears of laughter to audiences worldwide. More than an insightful and funny guy, Tim teaches people to be more resilient and resourceful using their own comedic style.  As one of the world’s best options when seeking a Motivational Speaker, Tim also coaches businesses on how to enhance productivity through employee enthusiasm using appropriate workplace humor.

An Internationally recognized authority on stress reduction and conflict resolution, Tim’s easy- to-implement techniques demonstrate ways to diffuse, deal with, and ultimately avoid stressful encounters. Tim does not make light of serious issues; rather, shines a light on previously unseen possibilities to overcome challenging situations.

Deal With Stress Keynote Speeches & Programs that Change the Game!

When your organization seeks a how to deal with stress program for increasing individual and team moral, it’s time to Change the Game! Life is a game. Business is a game. Literally, everything is a game with winners, losers, spectators. The secret lies in applying easy-to-understand, hard-to-forget concepts you can immediately use to help deal with stress; programs that champions have been using for centuries in sports, business, and life in general. Providing a shift in perspective and approach can influence the playing experience for everyone in a multitude of tangible and valuable ways. Tim is a business keynote speaker who proves that overly complicated tasks can become surprisingly uncomplicated—FAST! The best business keynote speaker and provider of how to deal with stress programs!   LEARN MORE

Keynote Speeches & Programs:  Appropriate Humor

A humorist and motivational speaker, Tim helps audience members discover how to be more resilient and resourceful by dealing with stress through strategically applied, and professionally appropriate humor in this hilarious presentation.  In 3 easy-to-adopt steps you will learn to shift your perspective and see the humorous reality of daily stressors.  Thriving despite stress is possible with Tim’s methods for overcoming challenges while enhancing productivity and everyday enthusiasm! Employee motivation and corporate entertainment can indeed be truly productive with the Developing a Comic Vision® program.  LEARN MORE

Leadership Keynote Speeches & Programs

This breakout session amplifies the Comic Vision® “good, clean humor philosophy” by providing deeper insights into stress reduction and Tim’s humor plan. It emphasizes how to deal with stress and guidelines that are crucial to applying humor as a business skill. Humor can positively affect productivity at work. As a strategic skill, it plays a constructive part in communication, morale, and stress reduction. Explore ways to steer clear of controversial humor that may become a source of problems and complaints. Learn how to use humor that enhances (and never diminishes) workplace culture while improving morale and ultimately customer service. Tim is more than a humorist and motivational speaker, but a stress reduction speaker sure to send spirits soaring in the office. LEARN MORE

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