Change the Game

Reduce Stress | Motivational Keynote Speech

Motivational Keynote Speech or Training Workshop to Reduce Stress & Inspire Leadership!

Tim Gard is a motivational speaker who teaches how to reduce stress and proves that overly complicated tasks can become surprisingly uncomplicated—FAST! The best business keynote speaker and trainer on how to reduce stress!

When your organization needs training on how to reduce stress and dysfunction, it’s time to Change the Game!

Life is a game; business is a game; travel is a game. Well, literally everything is a game that usually involves winners, losers, and spectators. This ‘Change the Game’ keynote helps you discover how to change any game to your advantage when encountering situational stressors, toxic people, and various challenges inherent to life.

The pressure to accomplish more with less, meet tight deliverable expectations, and respond with professional promptness can create stress, cause team dysfunction, and even decrease morale. The attitude that “everything seems so serious, heavy, and intense” is more than unproductive; it’s a truly unhealthy way to work and live!

Reduce Stress To Boost Morale & Teamwork!

Participants learn how one person can “change the game” for all players by applying easy-to-understand and hard-to-forget concepts—ones that champions have been using for centuries in sports, business, and life in general. Providing a shift in perspective and approach can influence the playing experience for everyone in a multitude of tangible and valuable ways. Learn how to reduce stress in this hilarious keynote! Using the game of marbles as a metaphor, Tim proves that overly complicated tasks can become surprisingly uncomplicated—FAST!

Tim personally consults with event coordinators both before and after each event. He wants to ensure that every participant receives a bag of marbles to aid in implementing ‘Change the Game’ tools, tactics, and strategies. This keepsake ingrains the newly developed philosophy for overcoming what seemed to be impossible or unrealistic challenges.

TESTIMONIAL – Change the Game with Tim Gard

tim gard testimonial - synlawn

“I plan a sales conference for our distributors every year and am always searching for someone ideal to get our message across. This year I wanted to add a more fun approach to some of our topics and Tim was the ideal solution. I researched plenty ahead of time only to find that Tim came very highly recommended and I was particularly interested in the ways he was able to adapt the message to be very much in tune with ours. I was able to put him in touch with a local distributor who provided him with enough input that Tim was able to make this presentation feel like it was just for us! I sat in the front row and could hear the outbursts of laughter from our entire audience and all the while, I laughed so hard I cried! If you are looking for someone who is truly going to engage with your audience and provide a fun and meaningful event, Tim is the guy! I can’t imagine anyone being sorry after hiring him. We put out a survey to our attendees after our conferences and although all of the feedback is not in yet, Tim was by far one of the highlights of our event and received nothing but fabulous feedback from our group. If you haven’t caught my message yet, let me just say that I absolutely recommend Tim and his Change the Game presentation. You won’t be sorry! ”
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