Funny Glasses


Funny Glasses To The Rescue!

Let’s face it… sometimes we get bored but just have to stay put even though we’d rather be just about anywhere else.

And in these times, sometimes our eyes simply REFUSE to follow the instructions of our minds… and they start to close despite our best efforts.  In these times, funny glasses are essential!   You may actually get away with sneaking in that cat nap because of your humorous problem solving creativity!  (Just be sure not to snore!)

As Tim Gard always says: “Everyday can be a FUN day with the right tools and your comic vision”.


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Funny Glasses… A Perfect Disguise!

Black rimmed, holographic funny glasses that make your eyes look like they are open, even if they aren’t!

We have all been there… that long, boring meeting when your eyes just refuse to stay open!  These Funny Glasses are the perfect disguise if you want to sneak in a cat nap without detection!   Just be sure not to snore!

Whether you’ve had Tim present at your event, are considering him for your next event, or utilizing his unique teaching techniques to expand your own professional speaking business, the EXStressories, books and training DVDs found in Tim Gard’s Shop will help you reach your good humor goals!

His one of kind inventions and other products will help you learn and apply his powerful insights for years to come!

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