Speakers Bureaus

Speakers Bureaus are an excellent way for professional speakers to expand their marketing capabilities and rapidly grown their speaking business.

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE participates with of all the top speakers bureaus and has enjoyed the benefits of their professional marketing services on his behalf throughout his career.  It is important to note that some speakers bureaus require exclusivity from the speakers they represent, but many do not.

Additional Speakers Bureaus Information

Any speaking professional who is considering how to grow his or her business should consider enrolling with one or all of the below Speakers Bureaus.

If you decide to pursue this route, you can expect to undergo an interview process so each speakers bureau may have the opportunity to understand your message and offer assurance that they are a good fit for you.  Then upon acceptance by any speakers bureau, and subsequent addition to their roster, you too will enjoy the freedom of knowing that you can focus on being a “speaker”, while they handle the work you may not wish to undertake, by acting as your specialized marketing agent!

You should evaluate each speakers bureau to determine which most suits your needs, then begin to contact them and apply for their support!  Below is a list of Bureaus Tim works with, to get your started!

The Agency for Speakers Agricultural Speakers
All American Speakers A-Speakers.com
Business Speakers Bureau.com Cal Entertainment
Capitol City Speakers CBA Speakers Bureau
Celebrity Speakers.com Celebrity Talent International
Collaborative Agency Group Convention Connection
Crown Speakers Executive Speakers Bureau
Espeakers – NSA Goodman Speakers Bureau
Infinite Speakers Group Keynote Resource
Keynote Speakers.com Lutz Agency
McKinney Speakers Midwest Speakers Bureau
MPC Speakers.com Nancy Vogel Speakers Bureau
National Speakers Bureau Nationally Speaking
NSA – Colorado Ovations.com
Pinnacle Speakers Bureau Platinum Speakers Bureau
Powell Khone Associates, LLC Premiere Speakers
Professional Speakers Network Promenade Speakers Bureau
Redpropeller, LLC Saxton Speakers Bureau – Australia
Speaker Exchange Agency Speakerpedia.com
Speakers Network Worldwide Spotlight Speakers & Entertainment
The Speaker Agency World Class Speakers & Entertainers
 Worldwide Speakers Group