Safety Policy That STICKS

Are you tired of repeating the same safety policy over and over again… just to watch your audience go right back to doing what they’ve always done? Just like earworm songs and random information from your school years, safety information can be “sticky” and stay in your team’s brain well beyond the presentation. Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE uses neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming, humor, emotional context and stories to give your audience easy-to-remember phrases that improve their compliance. He’ll help them slow down, pay attention and practice safer work by getting OFF autopilot, taking a moment before making a decision, and other “Sticky Safety” concepts.

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Discover How To Present Safety Policy That STICKS

Typical safety presentations are usually full of gruesome pictures and reminders of the rules. And when the team leaves the room… they go right back to doing things the way they always have. Not following best practices, not adhering to policy… and not remembering a single word you said.

That’s because most safety presentations aren’t designed to do more than rehash the importance of safety. They don’t have any neurological basis to help your team actually REMEMBER the things you say, simply because there’s no context to the information. All your audience is left with is a feeling of skepticism and “I would never do THAT.”

But the truth is, safety can be as small as remembering to put on gloves every time you come on shift – and a simple lack of following procedure can lead to time off the job, production slow down, or worse. The key is to make safety stick in the minds of your team – and that’s where Tim Gard comes in.

Tim is the Hall of Fame speaker responsible for teaching and training audiences at over 2,000 events – and he can use that experience to show you how your safety messaging can actually make a change in your organization.

In this presentation, Tim will show your team:

  • Five Sticky Safety concepts that will help them slow down, pay attention and practice safer work… these concepts are inherently sticky and will live in your team’s brains for years to come…
  • How statistics connect to real people and real lives (this context makes the statistics mean something to your audience)…
  • How being very good at their jobs is putting them at risk (and the one thing that will take them OFF autopilot and back into being aware of their surroundings)…
  • How to identify dangerous Safety Traps and apply the right kind of solutions to mitigate their risk
  • How to understand the role that stress plays in safety (so they can use good stress effectively and minimize the damage bad stress plays)…

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