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Workplace Humor with Tim Gard

Tim Gard – Expert on Positive Workplace Humor!

Today, almost everyone has heard of, or read about, workplace humor.   Its a reality that when humor occurs during work time, it can have either a very positive – or a very negative – effect.  Harnessed correctly, good workplace humor can be a strategic business skill and act as a positive factor in communication, morale and stress reduction for employees.

If workplace humor is misunderstood or misapplied, this kind of “bad humor” can become a source of complaints and civil rights violations, among other destructive things.  As a part of the international business world, today’s leaders must be able to understand and apply the use of workplace humor as a business skill, and how diversity must be considered constantly so that we do not insult anyone or create a hostile work environment in our efforts to ‘be funny’.

Tim Gard – Workplace Humor Workshops

Participants in Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE’s workplace humor workshops can expect a customized presentation that will improve their communication skills as they explore the physical and emotional benefits of laughter and humor in in the workplace.   They will also gain specific humor insights as they define the boundaries between good and bad humor at work  and discover ways to avoid stress at work and at home.   Stress is not what occurs to us, but is the result of our perception of an occurrence.  Although we can’t choose or control the potentially stressful things that happen to us or around us every day, we do have a choice in how we perceive their impact!

Laugh and learn how to effectively use humor as a tool at work and at home with Tim Gard!

Having a Comic Vision is choosing to laugh at the things we can, being serious about the things we have to, and actively harness humor as a strategic skill.  Developing a healthy sense of humor and a Comic Vision can naturally insulate us against stress and burnout.  

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