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Transform Your Corporate Culture by Reducing Stress and Increasing Laughter

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Tim Gard - Funny Keynote Speaker |
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Funny Keynote Speaker

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, is a motivational, funny keynote speaker, corporate entertainer, and emcee. Tim is known for bringing tears of laughter to audiences worldwide. More than an insightful and funny guy, Tim teaches people to be more resilient and resourceful using their own comedic style. He also coaches businesses on how to enhance productivity through employee enthusiasm by using appropriate workplace humor.

An internationally recognized authority on stress reduction and conflict resolution, Tim’s easy- to-implement techniques demonstrate ways to diffuse, deal with, and ultimately avoid stressful encounters. Tim does not make light of serious issues; rather, he shines a light on previously unseen possibilities to overcome challenging situations.
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Tim Gard - Funny Keynote Speaker |


Tim Gard is a true veteran of the war against stress and work fatigue! Not only does he keep the motivational workshops and training sessions fun and engaging for every type and size of audience, but he also takes care to ensure he directly addresses any particular issues that are present for your group and inspires personal accountability within individuals.

His unique teaching style and insights on the power of stress reduction and team building through humor have earned him the elite status of enrollment in the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame. Tim’s training workshops are customized for each group, and can be as short as a half day or as long as 2 days.

Speaking Coach

As a speaking coach, my philosophy is that the best way to foster mutual respect, trust, empathy, and a shared sense of connection between a speaker and their audience is to use clean and universally appreciated humor.

To some, sharing and inspiring with a “sense of humor” comes as naturally as the sense of smell, while others may struggle to not only “find the funny” but also find it challenging to deliver the message. Hiring a speaking coach is a critical investment in yourself as well as your career, regardless of your current skill level.

Tim Gard - Funny Keynote Speaker |

What impressed us most was your ability to tailor your program in such an exact and appropriate manner. You exposed subject matter that was clear, concise, and pertinent to our daily routine, and we certainly enjoyed learning how to look at difficult situations with a "Comic Vision."

United Airlines

An influential and unique message on understanding humor as a stress-reduction tool - my team and I are still talking about how much we laughed!

White Sands Missile Range

Tim had resoundingly positive feedback, which was no surprise to us! I was thrilled with his MC skills and thought that his keynote was both relevant and hilarious, the perfect mix to start the day and get everyone in the mood to absorb the messages from all of the speakers.

Bauer Conference, Australia

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