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Learning at the level of laughter, where people connect and learn more deeply.

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Impactful funny Keynotes that will help reduce stress and build resilience at work & home, while increasing laughter.

Tim Gard encourages and inspires audience participants to take the serious things seriously, while taking themselves lightly and therefore gaining the critical skill of approaching challenges with a “can do” and cooperative attitude. When this ability is developed within an individual, that individual can then support teammates and co-workers to efficiently problem solve, work together and stay on track because ‘negativity’ is suddenly a non-option!

As your humorous keynote speaker, Tim discusses job stress, solutions, prevention and management. He consistently inspires positive and lasting change with the use of humor as a skill at both work and home. Individuals, groups, and organizations of all kinds around the globe have learned through laughing for more than 26 years with Tim Gard.

We all laugh and smile in the same language

Why international? Tim is one of the very few humorists who frequently keynotes in other countries outside the USA.

Why? Because you really have to work much harder to ensure your humor is non offensive and global compatible. Humor that relies on slang or other local things that people who moved here from another country may not totally understand.

When he speaks internationally the situation is even more important when most attendees speak English as a 2nd language.

Tim has spoken in Australia, The Netherlands, the UK, Mexico, Canada, Singapore , Africa and many others.

This is especially important for two reasons.

  1. Today almost every major company has employees from many countries outside the USA.
  2. Using humor or humour outside the US requires a strong commitment to research the country discovering how they use humor or see humor. Tim has been years researching and speaking globally.


Tim has a professional level home studio with three cameras, sound and lighting. Better yet, he has partnered with a local production company to stream his programs on their professional stage, with top of the line sound, lighting and a gamer speed internet.

“In all the years I have been working with speakers globally Tim Gard has always been high on my list. He is a consummate and experienced professional both on and off the stage. Tim always keeps clients and their audiences as his priority and delivers on every single brief. What I love about Tim is that he knows how to captivate audiences and deliver a message with impact. You are guaranteed laughter and learning whenever Tim is around. He is a fantastic event partner, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Popular Keynote Programs

People everywhere are often disconnected, stressed out and they need a way to deal with the stress personally and professionally.

Change the game!

Off the Wall is a game. Life is a game; business is a game; literally everything is a game that contains winners, losers and spectators. Winners excel by intention and determination while others suffer from making the choice to simply coast or dwell in a defeatist attitude.

Tim uses a bag of marbles to show how one person can “change the game” for everyone by applying easy-to-understand and hard-to-forget concepts—ones that champions have been using for centuries in sports, business, and life in general. Everyone gets their own bag of marbles to keep to continue changing the game or if you wish to play Off the Wall.

Sticky Safety

Hazardous habits invariably form when repeating the same safety policy over and over again. The audience goes right back to doing what they’ve always done because it didn’t stick. Just like earworm songs and random information from your school years, safety information can be “sticky” and stay in your team’s brain well beyond the presentation.

Tim has worked in some very dangerous jobs; experienced workplace injuries and his insights are based on real life situations anyone can identify with and learn from. He uses that experience to show you how your safety messaging can make a change in your organization and stick.

Leadership: The Tao of Humor

Unhealthy humor is toxic. Although almost everyone will agree that humor can have a positive impact at work. As a strategic skill, it can act as a positive factor in communication, morale, and stress reduction. However, if unhealthy or misused, it can have an equally negative effect.

Using “good, clean humor”, Tim shows you how to use that humor to enhance (and never diminish) workplace culture while improving morale and ultimately customer service. Tim is more than a humorist and motivational speaker, but a stress reduction speaker sure to send spirits soaring in the office.

Laughter Becomes You

Morale can make or break an organization. Organizations are struggling with employee satisfaction and retention which are critical for the success of the company AND for the employee. Although Ice Cream Friday’s are yummy, they’re not enough.

Tim’s rejuvenating message helps increase employee morale while enhancing productivity and everyday enthusiasm in three easy-to-adopt steps in his proven Comic Vision® techniques. His terrifically funny, unique stories (and of course, extraordinary visual props) make this keynote address a hilarious way to start or close your meeting.

The pressure to accomplish more with less, meet tight deliverable deadline expectations and respond with professional promptness can create stress, team dysfunction and decreased morale. The philosophy of “everything seems so serious, heavy and intense” is an unproductive one, and a truly unhealthy way to work and live. When stress and dysfunction need reduction, it’s time to meet Hall of Fame speaker Tim Gard who will have you laughing and learning how to perceive stress and the world around you a little differently. Tim teaches audiences how to increase morale while enhancing productivity and everyday enthusiasm in three short, and easy to adopt, steps. His unique yet practical ideas help people diffuse routine or extreme stress by insulating themselves against negativity. He shows audiences how to “refresh and renew” themselves simply by using and sharing his techniques. His terrifically funny, unique stories (and of course, extraordinary visual props) make this keynote address a hilarious way to enhance any meeting.

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