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Using Humor as a Professional Skill

Laughter burns calories! Helps you live longer! Protects the heart! (and it’s free!)

Learning to use humor as a professional skill is a skill that can be learned. Tim Gard uses humor to teach humor. When humor is used effectively you can establish rapport, break down barriers, and make people quickly receptive to new ideas, changes.

Whether you are in Human Services, the corporate world, an inspiring speaker or the corporate executive needing to connect with your employees, Tim can show you how to use humor to bring people together through laughter. (no promises on burning calories)

Popular Workshops Programs

Human Services

Food Stamp fraud investigator was one of Tim’s many jobs before becoming a entertaining keynote speaker and safety retention trainer. He knows all too well the compassion fatigue that occurs and the negative cost it has everyone—the very people that depend on public assistance and those overseeing the programs.

Tim Gard is a true veteran of the war against stress and work fatigue! Tim is dedicated to ongoing training for eligibility workers employed by US Government SNAP. His unique teaching style and insights on the power of stress reduction and team building through humor has earned him the elite status of enrollment in the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame.

Corporate Training

Unproductive. Uninspiring. Unmotivated. Were those words appearing on your last corporate training feedback forms? I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.

When your organization seeks a program for increasing individual and team moral for your next workshop or off-site training that is truly productive, it’s time to call Tim Gard.

Tim will show you how to use humor as a professional skill to improve workplace communications in a safe, inspiring way.  Your next program will boost employee morale which in turn creates teams that work together more cohesively using the Comic Vision method.

Speaking Coach

New to the field of speaking professionally or an old pro that needs help tweaking an existing keynote. Hiring a speaking coach is a critical investment in yourself, as well as your career, regardless of your current skill level.

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE has motivated and invigorated audiences using good, fun, clean humor in his own keynotes worldwide. As a past President of the distinguished National Speakers Association, he has had the privilege of working along side of many of the greatest speakers in the business. He can help you with your goals.

Certifications & Awards

Tim Gard has energized and inspired audiences for 26+ years earning him the distinguished CSP and CPAE awards from the National Speakers Association.

Certified Speaking Professional

Designation granted by the NSA to honor the top 10% of professional speakers.

Speaker Hall of Fame

NSA Council of Peers Award for Excellence. Tim Gard was inducted in 2006.

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