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Human Services Workshops

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Burnout, compassion fatigue and stress levels are the highest they have ever been. NOW THERE IS HOPE.

Human services professionals have a passion for helping others—they are patient, caring, and empathic.  Because empathy and compassion are demanded of them daily, many can experience compassion fatigue when dealing with heavy workloads, excessive demands, and long work hours.

Drawing on his own extensive background in the field, Tim Gard has developed specific human services workshops that address issues like dealing with compassion fatigue for those in the profession.  Tim is passionate about helping them to be able to burn bright and not burn out so they can keep doing “that voodoo they do so well!”

Before Covid caseloads were monumental – today the situation is beyond belief. The pressure to be 100 percent accurate every time is daunting. Making a mistake could mean a child goes hungry or a family becomes homeless. Tim is a one-of-a-kind speaker for your next event. He’s been an eligibility caseworker, an investigator and a “Fed” with USDA FNS. He walks the walk and talks the talk having worked with TANIF, SNAP and WIC and others in delivery of services, fraud and compliance, and finally federal oversight.

Very, very few speakers really understand the challenges facing Human Services people at a county, state, or federal level. The bonus is he is also a hall of fame internationally known speaker, and his methods are proven to be effective and beneficial while being fall out of your chair laughing funny too.

Tim has spoken at over 2,000 conferences worldwide. More importantly, he has been a keynote speaker and has held workshops for several human services events, including:

Tim Gard - Funny Keynote Speaker |

  • the Food Stamp Directors Conference
  • the QC Directors Conference
  • State WIC events for New Mexico, Oklahoma, Maine, and Nevada
  • the National Eligibility Workers Association
  • the United Council on Welfare Fraud… and many others

The BIG NEWS is Tim has experience in all these areas as a county caseworker, a state investigator, and a management analyst with USDA Food and Nutrition service. Tim doesn’t make fun of serious situations or to diminish anyone, instead he shines a light on previously unseen possibilities.

He is one of the few professional speakers on the planet who has such an extensive background in human services, including WIC. When human services conferences need workshops, keynotes, and/or team development training, Tim Gard is their first choice.


Most Requested Topics:


– Finding Happiness isn’t Rocket Surgery – Burn Bright, Don’t Burn Out


– The Tao of Humor

– Sticky Safety

– Laughter Becomes You

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