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Funny Safety Training

As if our stress level wasn’t high enough, this global pandemic has upended our everyday lives. As a result, our “workplace” has changed but our workload has not. Whether your new workplace now coexists with places that were once only for eating, sleeping, or exercise or is still down at the plant, safety is critical now more than ever.

Thanks to modern technology, your conferences and trainings can still occur with the same impact and success like the “old days” in the new norm—virtually.

Typical safety presentations are usually full of gruesome pictures and reminders of the rules. When the team leaves the room… they go right back to doing things the way they always have.

That’s because most safety training presentations aren’t designed to do more than rehash the importance of safety. They don’t have any neurological basis to help your team remember the safety rules. All your team is left with is a feeling of skepticism and “I would never do THAT.”

The key to this challenge is to make safety stick in the minds of your team—and that’s where Tim Gard comes in. Tim improves your safety training effectiveness with proven neuroscience and humor.

Tim uses neurolinguistic programming, emotional context, and stories to give your team easy-to-remember phrases that improve their compliance. While researching safety and applying his experience in safety training, he discovered that the most successful safety training combined information with emotional context. A presentation can provide statistics, pictures, and videos of safety violations, but without emotional context the information often doesn’t stick with the participant.

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Sticky Safety Factors

In his ongoing research into safety and his own experiences, Tim discovered that several factors come into play regarding safety training and that there are fun ways to make it more “sticky.”

Funny is sticky. People remember things that make them laugh. Most people would probably point out that safety is serious and there is nothing funny about safety. In a way they would be correct. There isn’t anything funny about an injury or accident, but the principles you’ll learn in this inspiring keynote will demonstrate how humor helps people stay focused, present, and “in the now” for their safety.

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