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You Have The Right To Remain Silent

In movies and on TV (and in real life), the police have been telling us for years that we “have the right to remain silent”. It’s our right! Let’s exercise it!...Read More
StunningSlides Trevor Perry

Stunnified Slides From Trevor Perry

I recently engaged Trevor Perry to "Stunnify" my presentation deck and am so pleased with the results! If you have a presentation you'd like created or polished, Trevor is your guy!...Read More
Tim Gard Blog - What Makes You Unique

What Makes You Unique?

As I look back over my entire life, it’s clear that the path from where my career started, to where I am now, is easily broken down into a few simple steps. Want to know what they are so you too can Live your DREAM JOB?...Read More
Tim Gard - My Funny Formula

Tim Gard's 4 Step Funny Formula

Follow my Funny Formula, and with a little practice everyday, in a short while you will discover that stressors and misunderstandings are within your power to change or control, on demand!...Read More
Tim Gard Married Sophia!

Tim Gard is Married!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Sophia Asghar and I have tied the knot! ...Read More
Hillary Clinton Uses Humor Strategically

Hillary Clinton Solves Problem With Humor

Hillary Clinton may not be everyone's "first choice", but she clearly demonstrates how the power of humor can drive a point home and solve a problem!...Read More

Don't Be Irreplaceable

Preparing for company-wide or team and staff pep talk? Check out my blog for tons of workplace appropriate humor....Read More
Tim Gard Postive Workplace Humor Expert

Tim Gard In Australia 2016

Tim Gard is in Australia during September 2016 to present his first ever, open to the public event, titled: Harness Intentional Humor. Hurry, seats are limited!...Read More

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