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We can spend more time with coworkers than family members.

Desk full of pictures

We don’t always get to select the people we work with or work for. It’s a fact, you can spend more time with some people at work than you do your own family members. Don’t enter into office conflicts without considering all the ramifications.

Years ago I had a supervisor who announced one day: “Desk clutter is not acceptable. From now on you are only allowed to keep no more than three framed photos as personal items in plain view on your desktop.” 

This was aimed at me because I like to keep fun items on my desk to help me smile through the day. Admittedly I had perhaps one or two more than I needed but this reaction was extreme.

In retaliation I took a photo of all the items on my desk, framed it and placed it next to two empty photo frames. When he asked me about the frames without photo’s I explained, “I just like the frames”. When he saw the picture of all my fun items I thought his head would explode.

Now, years later I realize that I won the battle but lost the war. That supervisor was a thorn in my side until the day I took another position.

Pick your battles at work carefully and ask yourself this one question before doing something extreme.

Will my action increase my happiness or decrease my happiness at work?

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