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Client Satisfaction My #1 Goal

Tim has spoken at over 2000 events worldwide for various industries, government agencies, and professional associations in his 26-year career as a funny, inspiring motivation keynote speaker.

He is grateful for the time each person took to express the kind words in their testimonials.

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Tim Gard - Funny Keynote Speaker | q fdic
“Our attendees laughed so hard and really enjoyed your entire speech.”


Tim Gard - Funny Keynote Speaker | q army1
“Your are truly one of the best speakers we have had to date. We appreciate you providing such an influential and unique message on understanding humor as a stress reduction tool – my Team and I are still talking about how much we laughed!”

U.S. Army

Tim Gard - Funny Keynote Speaker | q texas am
“The talents you shared not only were entertaining, but delivered a humorous message to enjoy life no matter the circumstances.”

Texas A&M

Clients over the Years

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