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Client Satisfaction My #1 Goal

Tim has spoken at over 2000 events worldwide for various industries, government agencies, and professional associations in his 26-year career as a funny, inspiring motivation keynote speaker.

He is grateful for the time each person took to express the kind words in their testimonials.

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Tim Gard Testimonial - AFA
Tim presented great info, not only for the workplace but for life in general!  Hilarious!

Agriculture Future of America

Tim Gard Testimonial - Colorado Lottery
During the difficult economic times and other negative issues in our world today, it was very refreshing to listen to your message of leadership and hope, for the present and the future, taking each day at a time with the right attitude.

Colorado Lottery

Tim Gard Testimonial - Independent Insurance Agent
I can say for a fact that your presentation has helped me make this office a more enjoyable place!

Independent Insurance Agents of MT

Clients over the Years

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