Customized Motivational Keynote Speeches:  Thriving Despite Stress

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE is a funny motivational presenter who consistently prepares a customized keynote speech specifically for each client’s group and purpose.  Experience amazing stories & insights for overcoming stress and living a thriving life, particularly when little or no control over outside circumstances is present.

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 What You Can Expect in YOUR Customized Speech from Tim Gard

  • One-on-one time with Tim to discuss your goals and define specific requests, prior to your event.
  • A memorable experience that will bolster individual productivity and teamwork.
  • The insights that can only come from 20+ years’ of first-hand experience thriving despite stress!

Customized Motivational Speech Expert

When you choose Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE as your opening or closing keynote speaker, training workshop facilitator or Emcee, you are assured the absolute best in a customized presentation. Upon booking Tim, you will enjoy the opportunity to discuss your organization, any particular challenges you’d like him to specifically address and have full confidence that he will deliver a program that will improve individual and group morale and cooperation.

Tim’s Insights for Professional Speakers

Tim Learned French for this Client!


Testimonials:  Tim’s Powerful Presence, Personality & Message Impact

Focusing on inspiring individuals to thrive despite stress or circumstances beyond their control, Tim’s easy to remember and hard to forget methods demonstrate how the strategic and skillful use of humor can create any intended outcome.  For over 20 years Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE has traveled the globe addressing audiences of all types and size, sharing his Comic Vision™.  Using the metaphor of travel, he expertly applies his experience to today’s business world.

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    • I can’t even count all the ways Tim’s speech positively impacted me; I really needed a good laugh and laugh I did, but I also learned something really valuable.”


    • “I use my humor hat every day and WOW does that feel GREAT!!!”


    • “I finally sleep great every night after seeing Tim’s presentation and applying his techniques. “


    • “Great job to you and your office for choosing Tim Gard!  It was a truly memorable evening!”


“It was hysterical!”

“Work will be more enjoyable!”

“THE best humor, ever!”

“Tim was awesome!”