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Interested in becoming a professional speaker?  Or perhaps you already have a speaking business and want to refine your program and presentation skill?  Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE is you BEST choice if you want to have fun while learning and making a lastingly positive impact on your career!

Speaker Training & Coaching Services

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Customized speaker training & coaching consulting packages, just for you!  Whether you are just entering the professional speaking arena or are already a speaker and seeking to accelerate your career, Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE will help you achieve your goals.  He will take your goals seriously and help you have fun as you work toward reaching them!

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Shop Tim Gard – Motivational Speaker & Trainer

Shop Tim Gard - Motivational Speaker

Whether you’ve had Tim present at your event, are considering him for your next event, or utilizing his unique teaching techniques to expand your own professional speaking business, the EXStressories, books and training DVDs found in Tim Gard’s Shop will help you reach your good humor goals!   Learn More About Tim’s Presentations, Training & Coaching:

Motivational Keynote Speeches & Programs  |  Corporate Training Workshops  | Speaker Coaching  | Governent & Human Services Training

Already Booked Tim Gard?

His one of kind inventions and other products will help you learn and apply his powerful insights for years to come – use them for yourself and share them with others!  Keep in mind, Tim’s Booked Clients are encouraged to select any of the items in his Shop, which are available for pre-event purchase at a bulk discount rate.

Additionally, Tim’s invention, “My Official Policy Manual” is often customized for each client to include specific items which address audiences, directly.  You’re sure to find something that will serve to provide your staff with take home items that will encourage clean humor in the workplace to keep individuals inspired to take the serious things seriously, while shedding light on various positive approaches to challenges of every kind.

Shop Tim Gard – Motivational Speaker, today!

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