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9 Hilarious Holiday Stress Busters

Darth Vader Coffee Art

Holiday stress can make anyone into a grinch. Don’t be a grinch, be hilarious instead.


1. When ordering a latte, ask the barista if they will draw your likeness in the foam. Tip VERY well for it.

Coffee Art


2. The next time someone acts rude on the highway say, “Happy holidays!” out loud to them (mean it).

Kristen Wiig Christmas Gif


3. As you leave the house to go shopping with your family, announce that it’s an observed day (make one up) and tell them all about it.  “Today is actually St. Grunion Day, when we celebrate tiny fish who only swim when the moon is full…”

Harry Potter Gif


4. Take a selfie of where you park. Include people you don’t know if possible.

Parking Lot Selfie


5. Make up a made up “swear word” that isn’t really a swear word, so everyone can say it when they get upset.

Son of a nutcracker!


6. Shop with a friend and have a power song.  Put it on your smart phone and play it when you need encouragement.

Christmas Dance gif


7. If you are shopping with very small children, ask them how they would solve problems as you encounter them.

Home Alone gif


8. Have your children show you how a gift is really wrapped.

Amy Poehler gif


9. If you get stressed, stop and name all of Santa’s reindeer.  If you don’t remember them all make up names for them.

Reindeer gif


If you could still use a little more holiday cheer, check out Buzzfeed’s 20 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Christmas Than You. Merry Chrismakkuh! – Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE

Christmas Hanukkah gift

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