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Tim Gard’s 4 Step Funny Formula

Tim Gard - My Funny Formula

Make practicing my 4 Step Funny Formula part of every day, and you’ll find that in a short while, obstacles, stressors and misunderstandings are within your power to control, on demand!

Step 1: Be loose and ready to laugh.

Avoid the pitfalls of self-consciousness and internal tensions. You are more relatable to others when you maintain a state of readiness to laugh.

Step 2: Have fun with who you are.

Finds ways to laugh with, and at yourself. Have fun with what you think.

Step 3: Find the funny all around you.

Funny stuff is always there, if you look for it. Do this exercise. Each day, make a conscious effort to notice at least 5 funny things that happen to you. Dedicated and consistent practice will develop an effortless ability to see and share humor no matter what the circumstance.

Step 4: Become good friends with an effortlessly funny person.

Keeping in routine touch with someone who gives you a giggle is key! That’s where Tim Gard comes in. Follow Tim on Facebook and Twitter for routine dose of fun.

Thanks for reviewing my Funny Formula!  When you make laughter and fun a part of your skill set and daily life, you will find that any challenge and every stress can be overcome or alleviated, at will.  I hope you will connect with me and follow my work with ‘positive humor’ to keep developing your own Comic Vision™ and begin to harness the power of humor at work and at home.

I have always been considered a genuinely ‘funny guy’… in fact, laughing and bringing laughter to others is simply something I cannot avoid.  The best news is, my humor style is clean and always appropriate… clean humor is the funniest, in my opinion.

If you like my 4 Step Funny Formula and think others might too, please share it with them.  I assure you, now and always, that developing and practicing a solid humor plan will bring you, and those around you, joy – no matter what comes.  I never make light of serious situations, rather, I shed light on possibilities which may be hidden under stress or strain.  Humor and ‘funny stuff’ is all around us, all the time – all we have to do is look for it.

Please contact us anytime to discuss how I may assist in making laughter and fun a bigger part of your life.  You’ll be glad you did!

Remember… Laughter Becomes You

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