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 4 Steps To Making FUN a Part of You
Tim Gard - My Funny Formula

You are just a few simple steps away from harnessing the power of humor!  
Make practicing my 4 Step Funny Formula part of every day, and you’ll find that in a short while, obstacles, stressors and misunderstandings are within your power to control, on demand!  Turn the page to begin –>

Tim’s 4 Step Funny Formula:  Step One

Tim Gard Funny Formula - step one

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Tim’s 4 Step Funny Formula:  Step Two

Tim Gard Funny Formula - step two

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Tim’s 4 Step Funny Formula:  Step Three

Tim Gard Funny Formula - step three

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Tim’s 4 Step Funny Formula:  Step Four

Tim Gard Funny Formula - step four

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Hello friends!  Thanks for reviewing my Funny Formula!  When you make laughter and fun a part of your skill set and daily life, you will find that any challenge and every stress can be overcome or alleviated, at will.  I hope you will connect with me and follow my work with ‘positive humor’ to keep developing your own Comic Vision™ and begin to harness the power of humor at work and at home.

Tim Gard Professional Speaker Laughter Becomes YouI have always been considered a genuinely ‘funny guy’… in fact, laughing and bringing laughter to others is simply something I cannot avoid.  The best news is, my humor style is clean and always appropriate… clean humor is the funniest, in my opinion.

If you like my 4 Step Funny Formula and think others might too, please share it with them by using the ‘Share’ feature, above.  I assure you, now and always, that developing and practicing a solid humor plan will bring you, and those around you, joy – no matter what comes.  I never make light of serious situations, rather, I shed light on possibilities which may be hidden under stress or strain.  Humor and ‘funny stuff’ is all around us, all the time – all we have to do is look for it.

Please contact us anytime to discuss how I may assist in making laughter and fun a bigger part of your life.  You’ll be glad you did!

Remember… Laughter Becomes You,
Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE

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