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Tim Gard Travel Tips – Global Entry Card

Tim Gard Travel Tips - Global Entry Card

Welcome to today’s travel tip
from Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE….

Tim’s Travel Tip of the Day: July 30th, 2016


Tim Gard Postive Workplace Humor ExpertRegardless of your airline, status or fare category, as a security precaution,TSA will often omit the “pre-check ” clearance on your boarding pass which then requires you to go through FULL security (and take out your liquids and laptops, etc… just like everyone who isn’t pre-check!).

Even as s a Million Mile Flyer, it still happens to me a few times a year.  Ugh, double ugh.

However, If you have a Global Entry Card you can still que up in the shorter “pre-check” lane!  With this Global Entry Card, TSA will direct or escort you to the head of the main NON-pre-check line… this tip is exceptionally handy, especially when time is of the essence and you really need it!

NOTE:  It only works if you have the Global Entry Card with you!!

If you are frequent traveler, like I am, take a few minutes and
‘prepare’ for the unexpected!
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