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Secrets of Choosing and Using Props Workshop

The right prop, used at just the right time can help us to convey our ideas, assist our audiences in grasping and remembering our message and may mean the difference between a learning experience and a learning ordeal. Used effectively props become visual, auditory, or kinesthetic items that allow any audience to better experience your stories and reinforce your message. With a little training, you can find props anywhere and be able to use ordinary items in extraordinary ways on the platform. Even better, props become additional sources of revenue and can in fact provide you with amazing marketing opportunities. Discover for yourself why Tim’s unique use of toys and props make him one of the most popular and original humorists on the platform today.


  • Identify how and when to use visual props in your training. If it does not add to the event, it distracts from it.
  • Discover the NLP properties that apply when you use props on stage and how they can create a more powerful event.
  • Props are not only educational but can also become an income stream.
  • Learn how good humor and bad humor principles apply and how you can harness them immediately.
  • Props don’t have to be funny. A prop can be almost anything that reinforces your message.

Secrets of Choosing and Using Props

Workshop Date:

  • January 18, 2022: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PST

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