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NSA Speaker Coaching - Tim Gard

NSA Speaker Coaching with Tim Gard

Humor is an essential skill for anyone and everyone who wants to deeply engage others!...Read More
Tim Gard Meme: To Succeed

Want To Succeed?

John F Kennedy Words of Wisdom

JFK: Highest Appreciation

To be your best self is to live fully and consciously in gratitude......Read More
Humor & Confidence

Humor & Confidence

Humor is the number one way to increase your confidence and inspire others in both times of ease and strife!...Read More
Air and Space Museum

Air & Space Museum

Learning to use humor as a skill is easier than you might think! Having fun is a right we all share!...Read More
Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory

Ta Dah! Its easy to have fun with anything and everything!...Read More

Humor Increases Sales

Humor As A Skill is easy... I can show you how!...Read More
Tim Gard as the Starfish

Starfish Story: "Sleep With The Fishes"!

Speakers have the responsibility to be original, and/or skillfully sprinkle in elements of another’s story, but ALWAYS relying predominantly on their own best creative storytelling and researching talents. The Starfish Story is probably THE BEST example of a tale that has been 'over told' in abundance. Tim decided to make a stand.......Read More

How to Find Real-Life, Funny Stories To Tell

Its pretty easy to see where my 'natural ability' to find and tell funny stories comes from... this article can assist you in 'finding the funny' that is all around you, too!...Read More
Tim Gard Professional Speaker Laughter Becomes You

Create an Effective Keynote Speech That Rocks

Giving a keynote speech in front of groups of people is a task that some find easy and others, frightening. Regardless of your terror rating, public speaking is still a skill that (with work) ...Read More

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