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Tim Gard Now Open Flyer

The Official Tim Gard Webstore Now Open

I'm so excited to announce that my webstore is now open for business. Make sure to check out my latest DVD sets!...Read More
Tim Gard as the Starfish

Starfish Story: "Sleep With The Fishes"!

Speakers have the responsibility to be original, and/or skillfully sprinkle in elements of another’s story, but ALWAYS relying predominantly on their own best creative storytelling and researching talents. The Starfish Story is probably THE BEST example of a tale that has been 'over told' in abundance. Tim decided to make a stand.......Read More
Tim Gard Blog - Don

Don't Fear Your Own Thoughts!

Do you ever wonder if your thoughts are friend or foe? Read this story about my experience in deciding just that, while finding the simplest answers!...Read More
Tim Gard Blog - 3 tips to avoid holiday travel nightmares

Top 3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Travel Nightmares

These top 3 tips to avoid holiday travel nightmares can make your journey a fun and maybe even magical experience!...Read More
Tim Gard Blog - Monkey

Don't Monkey Around With Airlines!

Acting in haste during airline travel can have consequences! As a World Traveler and Professional Speaker, I hope you gain some insights from my personal experiences, and resulting travel tips....Read More

Funny Travel Story: Cut TSA Line & Lived!

As part of my job, long and often trying travel experiences are often a daily occurrence. This story is just another in my travel chronicles and I hope you glean some insights you can use yourself!...Read More

How to Find Real-Life, Funny Stories To Tell

Its pretty easy to see where my 'natural ability' to find and tell funny stories comes from... this article can assist you in 'finding the funny' that is all around you, too!...Read More
Stop Stress at Work with Tim Gard

Use Humor at Work and Change the Game

Everything is truly a game; life is a game, business is a game, literally everything is a game that involves winners, losers and spectators. Each day, we all can — and must — choose which of these three options we want to be. To pull an example from a long time ago, everyone once believed the...Read More
Funny Stories Happening In Real Life

Funny Stories: Funniest Question You've Never Been Asked

Funny stories happen to me all of the time. The funniest question you've never been asked was asked of me by my neighbor recently. Funny stories are happening to you, too... Are you open to seeing and experiencing the funny stories that happens all around you?...Read More
Darth Vader Coffee Art

9 Hilarious Holiday Stress Busters

Holiday stress can make anyone into a grinch. Don't be a grinch, be hilarious instead. Funny holiday stress tips and gifs to help you keep it together....Read More

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