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Nut Rage

Korean Air executive, Cho Hyun-Ah's nut rage reminds me of a time I witnessed nut rage on a flight. This my response to his nut rage. This is a true story....Read More

11 Traveling Tips To Avoid Getting Sick

Avoiding getting the Ebola virus and the H1N1 flu while traveling is pretty simple; travel smart, not stupid. I’m a professional when it comes to trave...Read More

Tim Gard Professional Speaker Laughter Becomes You

Create an Effective Keynote Speech That Rocks

Giving a keynote speech in front of groups of people is a task that some find easy and others, frightening. Regardless of your terror rating, public speaking is still a skill that (with work) ...Read More
Use Humor First For Yourself

Bored at Work?

Tip: Survive being bored at work using humor.

To survive being bored at work, we use humor first for ourselves and then share it with others. Humor as a skill at work is like a humor recess. When you were in school and you went to recess you didn't talk about school work. You simply had f...Read More
Tim Gard - FAQ

Leave Work at Work

Tip: Do your dismount at the end of the day.

Establish your own Comic Vision tradition to close out your day. At the end of every day it's important that you leave work and not drag work stress home with you. I suggest at the end of every day, the last thing you do is throw your arms in t...Read More

Humor as a Business Skill

Having fun at work helps us to renew and refresh ourselves in between negative or stressful situations. Choose to use good humor as a business skill and lead the way to...Read More
Appropriate Work Place Humor Tim Gard

What is Appropriate Work Humor?

Harnessed positively, good work humor can be a strategic skill and act as a positive factor in communication, morale and stress reduction. However, bad work humor can not only negatively affect morale and communication, it can also result in complaints, civil rights violations, employee dismissal an...Read More

Good Humor vs. Bad Humor at Work

As a professional speaker focused on the use of good humor at work, the question I hear most frequently is: “Can I say this or that at work and not get in trouble?” B...Read More

How to Have Fun Flying or Working

I’ve flown over 2 million miles on United Airlines. I really don’t know how many miles I’ve flown on all the carriers worldwide. The number one question I’m asked is: “How can you travel like that and stay sane?” First of all, no one has ever accused me of being sane... There isn’t ...Read More

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