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Tim Gard - Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Celebrate Your Uniqueness

In just four steps, I will show you how to live the life you dream of just by leveraging the power of your uniqueness!...Read More
Tim Gard - Be the gold standard

Be The Gold Standard Of Excellence

I am here to help you use humor and your Comic Vision to overcome any obstacle that may come your way!...Read More
NSA Speaker Coaching - Tim Gard

NSA Speaker Coaching with Tim Gard

Humor is an essential skill for anyone and everyone who wants to deeply engage others!...Read More
Tim Gard Meme: To Succeed

Want To Succeed?

John F Kennedy Words of Wisdom

JFK: Highest Appreciation

To be your best self is to live fully and consciously in gratitude......Read More
Humor & Confidence

Humor & Confidence

Humor is the number one way to increase your confidence and inspire others in both times of ease and strife!...Read More
Air and Space Museum

Air & Space Museum

Learning to use humor as a skill is easier than you might think! Having fun is a right we all share!...Read More
Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory

Ta Dah! Its easy to have fun with anything and everything!...Read More

Humor Increases Sales

Humor As A Skill is easy... I can show you how!...Read More
Tim Gard as the Starfish

Starfish Story: "Sleep With The Fishes"!

Speakers have the responsibility to be original, and/or skillfully sprinkle in elements of another’s story, but ALWAYS relying predominantly on their own best creative storytelling and researching talents. The Starfish Story is probably THE BEST example of a tale that has been 'over told' in abundance. Tim decided to make a stand.......Read More

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