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Tim Gard Business Humor - Creativity

FUN Ignites Creativity!

When you feel "stuck", search for fun and discover rejuvenation!...Read More
Tim Gard Motivational Speaker - Palm Pilot

Remember the Palm Pilot??

Advancements in technology has always been happening, with no end in sight! You too can continue to develop "features" and personal advancement!...Read More
Tim Gard Professional Speaker - Avoid Regret With Humor

Avoid Regret With Humor

Humor diffuses stress and helps avoid regret... It's a learned skill, and I can show you how!...Read More
Tim Gard Meme - Wake of Mistake

The Wake of Mistake

Sometimes living courageously is a bumpy ride, so celebrate - and try to have fun with - the ups AND the downs, my friends! ...Read More

Feast on FUN!

Of all the options on the menu of life, I choose to feast to fun! How 'bout you?...Read More
Tim Gard Meme: You are What you Think

You ARE What You THINK!

Keep your thoughts positive, ,because you ARE what you THINK you are!...Read More
Tim Gard Meme - Thrive Despite Stress

Thrive Despite Stress

When things send you spiraling with stress, change your perspective and look to something that will make you smile....Read More
Tim Gard Meme - Charlie Chaplin Quote

Charlie Chaplin Reminds Us...

Thanks, Charlie, for this reminder that laughter is vital to our success and longevity!...Read More
Tim Gard Meme - Square Watermelons

Friday Factoid: Square Watermelons

In Japan, they came up with a solution for a common problem... we all face challenges, and this one is meant to remind you that there is always a solution!...Read More
Tim Gard Meme - Comic Vision Keeps Stress at Bay

Keep Stress At Bay

I lost my rose colored glasses, but it's okay, because my Comic Vision is ALWAYS handy! Your's can be too....Read More

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