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Tim Gard Monday Motivation - Cube Crab

Tim Gard Monday Motivation: Cube Crab

The possibilities for using my inventions are only as limited as your imagination! ...Read More
Tim Gard Monday Motivation - WTF Things

Tim Gard Monday Motivation: WTF Things

The findable funny never ends! Here's a goodie.......Read More
Tim Gard backstage phone list

Tim Gard Monday Motivation - Backstage Phone List

I see some pretty amazing stuff on the road... this backstage phone list is truly exceptional however!...Read More
Tim Gard Monday Motivation Meme - Laughter

Tim Gard Monday Motivation: Laughter

Every Monday, I bring you Motivation Monday with laughter. Follow my blog, like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @funtwithtim for humor insights to chase away Monday blues!...Read More

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