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Tim Gard Blog - Twin Peaks Restaurant

Twin Peaks Restaurant

What won't they think of next?? I have a guess......Read More
Tim Gard - Coloring Book Big Sweaty Guy

The Big Sweaty Guy

This is a page from my coloring book which is now available in my shop. Get your own copy today!...Read More
Tim Gard Meme - Shenanigan

Shenanigans, Indeed.

Funny things happen around me everyday. Here's a real life shenanigan that'll make you LOL....Read More
Tim Gard - Coloring Book See The World Differently

See The World Differently

Another fun page from my coloring book! I bring my comic vision to life and invite you to see the world differently, too!...Read More
Visit Tims Fun Page Buttton

Tim Gard's New FUN Page!

Routine updates of videos & pictures on this FUN page!...Read More
Funny Toilet Seat

Squirrel Decor: A MUST HAVE!

My favorite spot to recharge is my cabin... My friends who visit are asked, before departing, to leave something "delightfully tacky" behind to help me decorate....Read More

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