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Tim Gard Online - Pinterest

Tim Gard Online - Pinterest

Pintrest is a great resource for seeing all my favorite memes, jokes and inspirations almost all at once! Follow me there!...Read More
Tim Gard Travels - Chicken Feet in Suitcase

Send Me Our Photo: My Travel Scrapbook

If you see chicken feet sticking out of a suitcase... it's me! Take a peek at some of the wonderful people I've met and visited with on my travels....Read More
Tim Gard on Twitter - FunWithTiim

Tim Gard Online - Twitter

Follow me on Twitter to get your daily dose of funny!...Read More
Tim Gard on Facebook

Tim Gard Online - Facebook

Have you joined my Facebook FanPage yet? I will keep you laughing everyday!...Read More
Tim Gard Yelp

Tim Gard Online - Yelp

Please take a moment to leave a funny, useful, or 'cool' review for me on yelp! ...Read More

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