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Tim’s Tip #644:
Do your dismount at the end of the day!

Establish your own Comic Vision tradition to close out your day.

At the end of every day it’s important that you leave work – AT WORK – and not drag all that work stress home with you. My suggestion is, at the end of every day, the last thing you do is throw your arms in the air and do your best impression of a gymnastic “dismount”.

Then, as you leave your cubicle or office, turn back and point directly at your desk, then say “Now, YOU…. STAY!”.  At which point you can now go home with the confidence that everything you are and feel at your desk will be left with the desk as you exit the door and head home.

Leave work at work, my friends.   Just remember that it will all be waiting for you when arrive the next day, and commence once again to “Do that voodoo you do so well.”

Be Totally Where You Are, When You Are There.

In short, having a Comic Vision is harnessing the power of your own unique sense of humor to use humor as a skill at work and at home. More than anything else, use it to have fun and be happier and healthier.

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