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Bored at Work?

Use Humor First For Yourself
Tim Gard - Motivational Speaker - Use Humor First For Yourself

Tip: Survive being bored at work using humor.

To survive being bored at work, we use humor first for ourselves and then share it with others. Humor as a skill at work is like a humor recess. When you were in school and you went to recess you didn’t talk about school work. You simply had fun. The same applies at work. Rediscover what makes you laugh and smile and start there. When I was a state employee and later a “fed” with the USDA, I discovered I had to attend a lot of meetings. At first I was thrilled to be asked to attend a meeting, then I discovered that many of them can be quite boring and that I was not supposed to fall asleep. To survive being bored at work in those meetings, we used our Comic Visions in a variety of ways. We used to play “Buzzword Bingo” (invented by Ben Yaskovitz and Laura Stern). We would take blank bingo cards and in the squares write all the words we knew would be said in the meeting in random areas. Then as they are said, we would cross them off just like in bingo. We would declare a bingo by clearing your throat.

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