My Official Policy Manual


How To Use My Official Policy Manual

My Official Policy Manual Will Give You Back Your Power!

Invented by Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE
All rights reserved.

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by being held to outdated or non-sense policies?  My Official Policy Manual is specifically designed to provide written proof of your right to overcome any policy you wish, anywhere, anytime!

This pocket or pursed sized book contains everything you need to validate your desires and rise above the power of Policy Keepers. My Official Policy Manual encourages people who are stuck in a factory response approach to requests outside of the norm, to open their minds and cooperate with you. Inspire your own comic vision while sharing it with others and get your way, every time!

Booked Clients can bulk-order a customized version of the My Official Policy Manual, tailored exactly for your company, and business motto, to enhance team work and their particular office culture.  Just email us!

My Official Policy Manual will break through the boundaries of factory response with a clever approach to overcoming outdated, but enforced, policies!  It will help you discover infinite possibilities for everyday conflict resolution with this fun, practical and easy to use tool.  When encountering and combating hindering policies, written Policy always tips the scale in your favor!

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