Secrets of Choosing and Using Props DVD


Secrets of Choosing & Using Props

Great storytelling relies on ‘theater of the mind’. The right prop, used at the just the right time, can help convey our ideas, assist our audiences in grasping and remembering our message, and may mean the different between a learning experience and learning ordeal. Used effectively, props allow any audience to quickly connect with you stories, while reinforcing your message. (Approximately: 60 minutes)

Secrets of Choosing and Using Props DVD

(Approximately: 60 minutes)

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE is a natural storyteller and all around funny guy.  He has an uncanny ability to shed light on previously unseen possibilities though the power of good humor.  His message is timeless, and his tips are guaranteed to guide you toward living a more lighthearted life.  He will show you how to continue taking the serious things seriously while incorporating a comic vision that serves to open your humor perspective in both your professional and personal lives.